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Winter Triples Results and Presentations

The final day of our Winter Triples League was played in beautiful, cool and DRY weather, a good ending to a winter season like no other with six Tuesday matches cancelled through the season.

The three top teams were as follows:-


The Wooden Spoons were awarded to the JAGUAR team who had supported all the other teams.

CONGRATULATIONS to our prize winners and a 'Big Thank You' to all who have supported this league during the winter months.

It has been both competitive and fun for most. We just wish we hadn't had to bear the loss of 3 of our number during this time.

Finally, the 'Biggest Thank You' goes to Tony BRUNT, who organised this years League, was so much part of the organisation during the first half of the competition and, even in his darkest days, has maintained a desire to be 'hands-on' when he has been able.

THANK YOU, Tony  -  you really are a star, and we miss you.