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Braeside Bowling Club

B&DBA - Section 2 - Wimborne v Braeside – 7th July 2018

By Trevor SAMS Braeside Bowling Club

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Braeside Bowling Club Contributor


The Braeside special's steamin' down the line

The Breaside special's right on time,

Woods at the ready burning' in our hand

Oh dear Wimborne were striking up the band,

 Rollin' and a-rockin' and going by the trend

That little jack will be going around the bend

Our heart's a-beating' 'cause weel be prime

 For a TEN - FOUR special comin' down the line.

Now the wheels a-slowin', can't be that far

 Leave the promotion door just ajar.


Neil Rogers:   This was a very competitive rink with advantage swinging one way then the other. 2 - 3 on the 5th, then we moved forward to 6 - 5 by the 10th. Then back again 8 -11 on the 15th. But they were the last to finish and a cheer went up as they secured the overall match by winning the last end.

 Final Score:  11 - 14.   Wimborne win.   Team: Neil Rogers, John Phipps, Barrie Vincent, Derek Baber.   


Wayne Clark:    This rink lost the first five ends, 0 - 12 on the 5th, they then dropped a five on the10th making the score 9 - 18.  By the 15th they fell even further behind 12 - 22. However, they rallied and managed to reduce the difference which was a great help.

Final Score:  17 - 25.      Wimborne win.    Team:   Wayne Clark, Ted Hugging, Brian Morrell, Ray Rankine.  


Peter Crocker Also struggled in the early stages. 2 - 6 on the 5th. But by the 10th they had pulled in front 10 - 8, and despite losing the last two ends they maintained the difference.

Final Score:  17 - 15.     Braeside win.  Team:  Peter Crocker, John Stacey, Allan Thyer, Peter Dunn.      


John Walsh   With veins sticking out on the back of his legs like the Underground Northern Line, John steered his team on to save the day. they scored a five on the first end and by the 5th they were 8 - 1 in front. They then lost four ends reducing the difference to 10 - 7 on the 10th. The opposition continued to catch up and on the 15th it was 14 - 12. We then stormed ahead by winning five ends on the run in. This rink kept us steamin'

Final Score: 25 - 13.    Braeside win   Team: John Walsh, Mick Farrer, Trevor Sams, Nick Heath.  TOP RINK


Final Score:  70 - 67       Braeside Win

Total Points:  10 - 4

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